Send your inquiries, comments, requests and complaints to the email address below.

If you would like to use my music in a project or film, contact me by email. I'm interested in the specifics of how my music will be used. If you can, please use Jamendo PRO for your projects. Using Jamendo financially supports my music. Thank you!

skype: merc70


My name is Mark and I make music under the alias of Mark.Nine. Or Markdotnine. Or MarkNine. Or Mark9. Whatever you prefer to call me. I have been working on music since 2004 (when I was 14) and have since released several albums for free. That music has also appeared in short films, documentaries, commercials and can even be heard being played in public locations. The general style of music I create is electronic but usually spans beyond that. Since the music I create is free, give it a listen and a download if you enjoy it. You're free to pass it along as well. I just ask that you don't claim it as your own.

The music I created also spawned I/O Netlabel, an electronic internet label that released all music for free from several different artists. While it's no longer active, most of the releases are still there including my older works. My newer stuff is all on the music portion of my website. Similar projects include Artificial Memories where my newer music is being released. It's similar to I/O Netlabel, just more modern. As I'm busy these days, I hope to get it up and active soon.

Please feel free to send me an email if you want to share some of your music or make recommendations. I'm always looking for new music to take in. Also send a message if you like my music. All the feedback is highly appreciated. The same goes for any donations or purchases of my music.


“Studio” Setup: